Seriously, this is a must try.  A total experiment…but one that worked.  It very healthy, lots a super green, nutrient rich smoothie!

Look how wonderful :)

Look how wonderful 🙂

Recipe: (To the best of my memory) – With no formal measurements…

  1. Green Apple! Chopped
  2. Kale, of course
  3. A little bit of spinach.
  4. Ginger – fresh, or ground, just a little bit.
  5. Lime Juice! Was really experimenting with this one, but I must say it tied it all together.
  6. Ice
  7. Non – fat Greek Yogurt

All standard smoothie ingredients, but than theres a secret ingredient! And I have yet to find it again, but I’m sure this is what made it so good.

8. Pineapple / Fennel Juice – from a Paleo Store – I know, not really an easy find.  And I don’t know how this juice was made at the store, so I can’t recreate it.

When the first 7 ingredients were in the blender ready to be mixed up, I thought it needed more liquid, and than remembered this juice, number 8.  I poured pretty much all of it in, and was just amazed at how good the whole thing turned out!

Yum :)

Yum 🙂