Visiting the Skydeck at the Willis Tower, formally the Sears Tower, in Chicago is about the most “touristy” thing you can do here.  Having been here before, I knew what to expect, and knew this time would be a bit different.  I was coming in knowing there would be a crowd, knowing I did’t have much time to get the pictures I was hoping for.  Once you get into the little glass window there are people all waiting for you to finish making your shots so they can take theirs! It is a wonderful experience however and I would consider it a must visit (at least once) while in Chicago.  If anything, for the view!


Shot with Gopro, this turned out to be one of my favorite photos!

After waiting in line and getting your ticket, you than walk through a little Museum explaining some of the history into the tower and high-rise construction all together.  Than its off to the elevator to make the 60 second trip to the top!


Take in this wonderful city from a little different perspective 🙂


Another favorite! 

I snap chatted and used the altitude filter while at the top that I thought turned out pretty cool 🙂


2440.26 ft.

The first step is a bit intense, and you find yourself sitting in a glass bubble hovering over the city!

willis-tower-3-of-1    willis-tower-6-of-1 willis-tower-5-of-1

One piece of advice: kind of get an idea and plan what type of picture you want before hand, as it never seems there is enough time!  Enjoy!