Noel Mulkey is experienced in all aspects of social media marketing. From the photography aspect, to the adversing aspect, working with brands and creating beautiful content has turned into a passion of his. He is proficient in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, iMovie, web design, film making and photography. His skill set does’t stop at the computer. In his spare time away from the camera, he is an up and coming triathlete. Health and Wellness Promotion is the name of the game from a business stand point, but also something he takes very seriously in his personal life. If he is not at a photo shoot, or looking for the best background to take pictures of a product, you can normally find him swimming, biking, or running.
Creativty 95%
Social Media 100%
Marketing 95%
Photography 90%
Commitment 99%

Meet the Team

Noel Mulkey
Noel Mulkey, or ‘Nomad Noel’ loves writing, and capturing his experiences at new destinations. Check out his personal website www.noelmulkey.com for the latest.
Karen Mulkey
For more than 20 years, Karen has been a brand advocate for a community-based academic medical center.  She has expertise in public relations and marketing producing positive outcomes and wanted results.
Larry Silvey
Larry is known for his passion and enthusiasm for graphic, video, media and digital design. For more than three decades, Larry has led marketing and design for numerous businesses and non-profits.
Olivia’s skill in creating and implementing social media campaigns makes her an instrumental team member.